Homemade Chicken and Biscuits 

Homemade Chicken and Biscuits is most definitely one of my favorite comfort meals! Just listen, a creamy chicken and vegetable stew topped with fluffy, homemade drop biscuits, I mean I will never understand why someone wouldn’t love this!? Bake it in a casserole dish and supper is served!


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It is that time of year, winter, cool-weather, time for some down-home comfort food! Just picture, the kids coming in from playing in the snow, momma finishing up chores and everyone chilled to the bone. Warm, filling Homemade Chicken and Biscuits coming out of the over. Yum!


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Chicken and Biscuits is traditionally a Southern/ Midwestern dish, but I am here to tell you, I am making this a North Eastern dish in my home! This recipe is bursting with flavor along with shredded chicken, vegetables, and homemade biscuits... with a few shortcuts! Jot this down in your 30 minute-meals notebook cause we all know with how busy life can get, with chores, schoolwork, extra curriculars for the kiddos, we NEED shorten but filling home cooked meals.


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What shortcuts do I use, you ask!?

When it comes to the Chicken for this recipe, if I make a split decision while out and about to make this for dinner then I will run in and grab a rotisserie chicken to shred up. However, since I raise my own chicken, I will most likely take the thighs and breasts and either boil them or roast them in the oven then shred them up (to utilize the whole chicken, I will take the leftover carcass and boil it with my mirepoix to make From Scratch Chicken Bone Broth, recipe coming soon!).  

Another shortcut is for the drop biscuits, I like to use Bisquick mix ( I order Amazon subscription because well let's face it, I am a homebody!). Just add in some whole milk (or whatever milk you have on hand), some herbs (preferably fresh), and the cheese. After baking them, I top with a garlic butter, adds some much appreciated flavor!



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