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Hey, I'm Stephanie and this is my family!

I am the proud momma of those two kiddos you see, Fin and Huds. That other fella there is my gentleman, Matt.

Along with helping to run our homestead, I work a full-time job as well as own a bakery, Whisk and Spoon Bake Shop, all in Western New York. Now I am not the biggest craft, DIY kind of girl like most homesteaders are. But when we need to build something or create anything here on the farm, I will try my darndest! I am, however, a country girl through and through, so I'll get down and dirty where need be. 

I have been a "farmHer" for all of 10 years now, pretty much since Matt and I started. When I was a tiny one though, my parents had cows, pigs and such, I don't remember too much of it. I do remember the time when we had a bad lighting storm and the tallest tree on the property got struck. Well, at that moment we had cows laying underneath said tree and, yes, a branch fell on them. I wish I had learned then, how being a farmer, you have to learn that death does live on farms, more than some would like. 


Fast forward though to today and a long story short, Matt and I moved back to our hometown in 2018 with our farm and little Fin in tow. We live in a wonderful farmhouse, which we seem to always be remodeling! There are 86 acres here at the main farm so plenty of pasture for our animals. We grow vegetable, raise beef cattle, chicken, pigs, and kids!

A little about our kiddos before I bid you farewell...

Finleigh, our daughter, was born in 2016. She is a truly bright and intelligent child! Fin says she is going to be baker, like her mom, when she grows up. What a good girl. 

Hudson, our son, was born in 2018 a couple months after we bought the farmhouse. He is a TERRRR-OR.. you thought I was going to say terrific huh!? He has so much energy and he just can't help but let it out, all the time. He LOVES farming equipment, knows them all I swear!

But I am blessed you are all here and I am beyond thankful to the lord for the story he continues to write for our family. Farming is going to be tough at times but you always have to remember that the good lord is ALWAYS on your side. I am truly excited to share our journey will you all so you all can learn a little more about the good, bad and the ugly of family farming and am blessed to have little hands & littles hearts alongside helping!

❤ Stephanie

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